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The EMAS Summer Sizzler 2019!

Race Format

A two day event held between two club. Saturday 3rd August at NDOR and Sunday 4th August at Deerdale. 

These will be ran as a single day race format. So there will be heats and finals on each day and points awared for each day too. 

On the Saturday at NDOR there will be a special race called the last man standing. where 15 cars will battle it out at a racing space to be the last man standing. If you crash and you land on your roof. You are out! Cash prize to the top 3 too!

On the Sunday at Deerdale there will be a classic dash for cash. 15 cars race to get to the top to win the prize. 

These races are sorted by drawing a name out of a hat followed by a number from 1 to 15. this will be your car number. All drivers in these special races will have to provide a marshal to marshal for them on their car number. If no marshal is provided the driver will not be able to race

Please note, when booking in you will asked if you wish to be enterted in the Dash For Cash and The Last Man Standing for an additional cost of £2 per race. 

Booking in for this event is available on the NDOR website. 




Event Event Date Capacity Registered Available place Register
EMAS Summer Sizzler 03-08-2019 7:00 am 118 118