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Deerdale RC Offroad

Pactice Sessions During Covid 19 Lock Down


Due to government restrictions being relaxed we are now able to offer limited practice sessions for club members only.  Please visit the events section of the website for more information on booking in and the terms and conditions associated with your booking.  Meetings are still cancelled until the end of June where the situation will be reviewed 



The club runs race meetings and practice sessions on our astro turf track, for 1/8th nitro/electric Buggy and Truggy, all abilities of driver are welcome.

The club is run by 4 guys, who are dedicated on making the track one of the best Astro tracks in the UK. 

We meet every month for club meetings, normally on the second Sunday of each month, Please see events section for our meeting dates. The track is open all the time for its members to practice.. 

Entry fee for our race meetings is £12 for non members and £8 for members. Membership is £35 a year. You can now join Deerdale off road via the website and pay online giving you instant access to the track and the club members section, Click Here to go to this page



For more information on this please visit the Events Section and the About Section 

Classes We Run:

8th Nitro Buggy 

8th Electric Buggy

8th Nitro Truggy

8th Electric Truggy

Deerdale Membership for 2020 is now being taken, fill in the application on here or fill in the form at race control at the next meeting.

Don't forget drivers and pit crew need to renew their BRCA licences as well. We will be asking you to show them at the first meeting in the new year. Failure to produce a valid brca licence means you wont be able to race unless you are new to the Rc hobby.


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Deerdale  2020 Summer Series Starts 12th July With Round 1 

Summer Series Dates

Rnd 1 12th July

Rnd 2 9th Aug

Rnd 3 13th Sept

Rnd 4 11th Oct

Best 3 out of 4 to count.

All Covid rules and guide lines will apply untill advised by the government.

There will be no booking in on the day so go to the events section to secure your place.


Getting Back To Racing - Deerdale Off Road Summer Series


Everyone Please Read !!


General Information


  • All entries have to be booked in online
  • Race fees to be paid by PayPal.
  • No entries or payment will be accepted on the day at race control.
  • Booking in online finishes at 8.30 Sunday morning.
  • Drivers to text Chris on arrival to book in on 07812 721 206
  • Race control is off limits to every one except for Deerdale officials.
  • Any problems see a race official.
  • Drivers briefing will be done over the microphone from race control.
  • This event is only open to drivers and immeadiate pit crew sorry but its not open to spectators.
  • We cannot post paper results so they will be posted live on the Deerdale web site and Chris will photograph them and put them on our face book page.

Race Format for the day.

  • There will be a maximum of 8 buggys per heat and may be mixed depending on attendance.
  • We will try to have a practice round this will depend on the numbers booked in.
  • Nitro buggy heats will run 7 mins with 2 min warm up.
  • E buggy heats will run 8 mins with 2 min warm up.
  • Both classes will be the best 2 rounds from 4 to count.
  • Only one pit crew per driver allowed in the pit lane.
  • Queries on results can only be made by text or e mail if absolutely necessary.
  • There will be no bump ups.

PPE and Safety

  • The one way system of entering and leavening the rostrum and pit lane will be vigorously maintained.
  • Drivers to provide there own Hi-Vis vest and sturdy gloves (not latex disposable) for when Marshalling, and sanatiser for their personal use.
  • Drivers and pit crew need to provide there own face masks for when in pit lane and on the rostrum.
  • Pit crew to stand by the side of the markers in pit lane which will be approx 1 meter apart.
  • Drivers on the rostrum will stand by the side of the markers provided which are 1 meter apart.

Pitting and Car park


  • When parking please space your vehicles out as much as you can.
  • Leave the center area of the car park free in case the farmer or emergency services need access.
  • If you pitting in tents are a team gazebo please ensure you maintain the recommended social distance.
  • Drivers and pit crew to maintain social distancing at all times around the car park and pitting area, a minimum of 1.5 meters unless wearing a face mask.
  • If you become ill or exhibit any of the covid 19 symptoms at the track please inform a track official and then go home.