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Membership Information

We operate a membership at Deerdale Off Road. The fee is £50 per year and this gains you access to the track at anytime of the day during the week including weekend.

You will also get your own membership card either through the post or givin to you at the next club meetings. Being a member gives you exclusive deals and offers through PBM Racing and RacePace RC as well as RD Models in Chesterfield. Please ensure you have your membership card and number to hand when ordering. 

Further more when entering a club meeting you get a discount on race fees. It is £8.50 for a member and £12.50 for a non member. 

If you want to know anymore information about membership please contract up through the Deerdale Facebook Here


How To Join

To join Deerdale Off Road is a really simple process. You're already party the way there because you are already on the website. 

First thing you need to do is if click on the menu that says "Membership Info & Join' Click on the Join link. Or you can Click Here

You have been a member in within the past 12 months you will already have an account. Simply log in. And fill in the information requested on this page. Go to the bottom and click process subscription, Pay via PayPal or card. Then your done! 

If you haven't got an account on the website, Create one in your name. Remember that an email address can only be used once. So if you have children that are members they will need their own account and email address. 

If you have any questions or problems please contact us via the contact page or contact us through our Facebook page. The link for this is provided in the section above or click the Messenger button in the bottom right corner of this page


Deerdale RC - Membership Rules


It is a requirement for members and drivers visiting our track to adhere to our membership rules.


  1. Please carry your membership card and BRCA licence with you at all times. (this proves you are insured and entitled to race at this track)
  2. No one is allowed in the pit lane, on the rostrum or on the track unless you have a BRCA licence
  3. If you are a racer or wanting to do marshalling duties you must be a member of the BRCA for insurance purposes.
  4. No 5th/Large Scale to run on the track.
  5. No running of RC cars in the car park
  6. Please leave adequate room for emergency vehicles when erecting pit tents, tables and parking.
  7. Do not leave the gate open while you practice it has to be locked at all times.
  8. Fires and Barbeques are not permitted unless preauthorised by a member of the committee 
  9. No alcohol to be consumed on or a round the track, any one intoxicated with be asked to leave the facility immediately.
  10. Any rubbish you create please take it home with you, we haven't got the facility to dispose of it - It is a requirement of our lease to the farmer to keep the area clean and tidy.
  11. Any abuse whether vocal or physical will not be tolerated any member or racer doing it will be asked to leave the track immediately and could be banned from the club. We would have no hesitation in calling the police if issues got out of hand.
  12. It is member’s responsibility to keep gate codes confidential and not pass them on to their friends, or let them tag along with members to use the track when they visit. If any member is found to be abusing their membership it could result in them being banned from the club.
  13. This facility is for your enjoyment have a great time whether practicing or racing.

See you all track side




Deerdale Off Road – Pit Lane Safety


Deerdale has a one way system in place when entering the rostrum/pit lane area during race meetings. Drivers waiting for their next race wait in the warm up area and enter the rostrum using the right hand steps while drivers who have just finished their race leave the rostrum by the left hand steps. Pit crew then walk round the end of the trailer to enter the pit lane. When the race has finished pit crew walk down the pit lane to the car park area. But this is not followed by quite a few people.



Deerdale - RC Committee




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